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Cattle Handling Equipment

Cattle Handling EquipmentCattle Handling Equipment by Behlen Country

Handling cattle is critical; you have to have the right equipment for the right job. Behlen Country has perfected cattle management hands down. Our complete line of chutes, sweep pens and head gates to alleys, gates and total system kits gives you everything you need to handle your herd with ease. We have innovative chute management systems, the most features in a manual chute, user friendly heavy duty chutes designed for animal and operator safety and a full line of head gates for all size cattle.

Items not in stock may be brought in at any time by special order.

Available Items include:

  • Flow Control Unit
  • Sheeted Sweep Pens
  • Sheeted Crowd Alleys
  • Chute Accessories
  • Unsheeted Systems
  • Sheeted System Kits
  • Portable Care Center
  • Roller Gate
  • M1-V Squeeze Chute
  • Silencer Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes
  • M1 Silencer Squeeze Chute
  • Headgates
  • Scales
  • MX-V Squeeze Chute
  • Big Valley HHD
  • Hydraulic Squeeze Chute
  • Big Valley HMD Squeeze Chute
  • Big Valley Calf Table

Cattle HeadgatesHeadgates

New Big Valley® M-Series Headgates

The Self-Catch Headgate yoke is adjustable from both sides for a more precise fit and increased safety. Optional Nek-Stender® bars pivot with the action of the yoke. Attaches to any Big Valley® chute and can be set up for either right or left-hand operation. Designed to work on animals 300 lbs. and heavier.

The Manual Headgate features the "Pos-O-Lock" Ratchet System which insures that cattle are caught safely and can't escape. The opening handle runs parallel to chute, out of the operator's way, providing plenty of leverage to reduce operator fatigue. Its design makes the handle swing from behind the animal, which encourages cattle to move through the unit. Right or left-hand operation.

Attaches to any Big Valley® Chute. The Manual and Self-Catch Headgates have rounded contact points to prevent injury and grease zerks to insure smooth performance. Both are available with exclusive Nek-Stender® bars.

Nek-Stenders®, The Safe Way To Hold Heads

Exclusive Nek-Stenders® hold the animalís head and neck stable for safe and easy tattooing, ear tagging, bleeding, mouthing, or any other working need, without choking.

Manual or Self-Catch Headgates with Nek-Stender® bars adapt to most chutes. Working range adjusts to handle livestock 300 lbs. and up.

Nek-Stender® Bars are retractable on Manual Headgate*


Tuff Portable Livestock Handling SystemCattle Handling Equipment by Tuff Livestock Equipment

Portable Handling System

The Tuff handling system is available as individual components for stationary installations or as a self-contained, portable system as shown above.


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