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Waterers by Behlen Country

When it comes to horses and cattle, we're as picky as you are about our tanks, feeders and watering systems. That's why we've spent decades perfecting our designs, testing our materials and refining our construction to ensure workhorse performance. Rugged, resilient and always practical, all our products are proven to live up to our expectations and exceed yours.

Our water equipment is always fresh

Wherever you need water equipment Behlen Country's line of water systems is designed to adapt to every environment and every budget. And whether you opt for a simple poly tank or a state-of the-art Freedom Fountain, you can be confident that Behlen Country has integrated the same purposeful features and value-added extras.

Poly Post WaterersPasture Watering Equipment

For Horses Or Exotic Animals


Poly Post Waterers are made to be buried in the ground. Waters up to five horses. Also ideal for many exotic birds such as emus, ostriches, etc. New auto fill valve ensures fresh water at all times. WPI-22 is insulated for applications inside barns, etc. where supplemental heat is not necessary. WPHI-22* is insulated with 100 watt infrared heater already installed.



Poly Water TanksHorseman's Choice PRE-223 & PRE-224 granite gray poly tanks have a 3 year limited warranty.

65 gal. capacity.





Insulated Horse Pasture WatererInsulated Horse Pasture Waterer (PAHW)* is a pressure drinker with a new automatic fill valve. The heavily insulated poly drinker helps keep water cool in summer and warm in winter.

Animal capacity 25. PAHW-H comes with a 250 watt infrared heater.





Poly Horse Companion WatererThe Poly Companion /Horse Waterer (PCHI)* has a new automatic fill valve, rounded edges, large access panel for hookup and maintenance, molded-in hold downs, heavy urethane-insulated walls, deep 8" bowl which holds 5.5 gal., and is all poly. (For use in areas where temperatures are above freezing.)

The PCHE has a super efficient 75 watt infrared heater which is totally isolated from the animal to prevent electrical shock.



Insulated Horse Electric Headed WatererHeavily insulated Electric Drinker (PCPE)* has a super efficient 100 watt infrared heat pad. Unheated PCPI also available (for areas which have above freezing temperatures). All-poly, one-piece construction.

Features new non-siphoning water valve, built-in hold downs, removable drain plug and easy access door. Styrofoam floor keeps frost below drinker. Ready to install.

All Energy-Free and Electric Drinkers have a 5 year limited warranty on the body. One year warranty on valves, controls and heaters.

*Note: To ensure proper operation in freezing temperatures, it is recommended that a Poly Earth Tube be installed. Must be ordered separately.

Automatic Stall WatererStall Watering Equipment by Behlen Country

Designed Specifically For Horse Stall Watering

Our Automatic Stall Waterer ( ASW & ASW-H) is designed to supply fresh water on demand through an automatic fill valve. The all poly construction and rounded edges make this a valuable addition your stall. Drinker height can be adjusted to as low as 18" by cutting off the bottom of the pedestal.

Heated unit has a 100 watt super efficient infrared heater which is completely enclosed eliminating any contact with the animal. Comes complete and ready to install.


Stall Automatic WatererThe Insulated 5-Gallon Stall Waterer (PHSW) will help keep water warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather.

Heavily insulated to prevent freezing (in an occupied stall). No electricity needed.

Five gallon poly pail and float cover included. Easy to clean out.



Swing Out Bucket HolderThe Swing Out Bucket Holder (SBHI) is designed to provide a safe and efficient way to water animals without entering the pen or stall. The swing out frame is constructed of heavy, galvanized steel with round, smooth edges and corners. Includes insulated unit and 5 gallon poly pail.



Bucket HolderThe (BH-5) Bucket Holder can be used for feeding or watering animals in box stalls. Fastens to the wall using two 5/16" lag screws or bolts. Designed to hold a standard 5-gallon bucket. All-welded, solid rod is galvanized for durability and long life. 12" dia.





Swing Out Bucket HolderThe Swing Out Bucket Holder (SBH) is designed to provide a durable and efficient way to water or feed animals without entering the stall or pen. The swing out frame is constructed of heavy , galvanized steel with round, smooth corners and edges. Designed to hold a 5 gal. bucket (not included).





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